If you have never visited VRM for a tour, or if it's been awhile, scroll down to select one of three members of our team now providing tours that you can schedule based on YOUR availability.

Interested in volunteering?

D'Ann Reimer - Volunteer Director & Executive Assistant to Al Oliver

"Volunteers make a huge impact on the lives of our residents and guests. I am thrilled to help connect you to opportunities within the Mission, where you will not just fill a need, but will be a tremendous blessing."

Want an inside look at our programs through the eyes of a graduate?

Gracie Sanchez - Community Engagement Coordinator

“This new role allows me to build new and intentional partnerships in Visalia, as well as strengthen VRM’s ties within the hispanic community. I'm excited to give back to the Mission for everything they have given me."

Want to go deeper with VRM as we improve our services to address a growing need?

Betsy Leon - Development Team

"There's no better way to see exactly what we do and why we do it than with a tour. If it's been awhile, or if you've never come down, it's time for a tour."