Greg and Patricia Thompson

Greg and Patricia Thompson

Our relationship with Visalia Rescue Mission began about 2003. Since then we have witnessed God doing amazing things in our community through this ministry. We have also been impressed by the integrity of VRM’s operations. As well, we have been inspired by their continued visionary approach to ministry. We have been privileged to participate in their mission to the Visalia community over the years by giving our time, talents, and resources.

In 2007 we took our relationship with VRM to a new and exciting level. We included this ministry in our revocable trust, a planned giving document, partnering with them in their vision for the future. One day, when we are gone, our time and talents will not be available to VRM. However, a portion of our estate will help them reach their goals and realize their dreams. Our desire is to partner with VRM in future endeavors and including them in our trust document is a tremendous way to do this!

Why "planned giving" when we already give now? We all leave a legacy. Our fruitful endeavors we are embarking upon now while we are alive can carry on long after we have passed on. It has been wonderful to know that, as we do a little bit better, our trust recipients will be able to do more for those whom they serve.

The Bible has much to say about good stewardship of our resources. Jesus tells us He wants us to have fruit that remains. Our desire is to know that this vibrant ministry will prosper beyond our own days. This is why we have included them in our estate plan. Will you consider including the Visalia Rescue Mission in your estate plan, to partner with this valuable ministry in this vital way?

Questions on legacy giving? Click HERE or call Betsy at (559) 740-4178.