Breakfast: 7:00am •• Dinner: 5:00pm

We serve meals every day in our Community Kitchen: 115,184 served in 2018

“A meal can be the very gateway to hope. I have heard testimonies of men and women who have come for a sandwich, and next thing you know, they’re taking steps towards life-change.

Every day of the year we offer breakfast and dinner to anyone in need, as well as a holiday community meal for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Volunteering during a meal time is a great way to get involved. 
The food we serve is 100% donated showing just how much our community really goes above and beyond. This allows us to not only feed people at our facility, but we are able to send food to other ministries.”

-- Ken Matney, Food Services Manager

In an effort to not duplicate services -- as of April 1, 2015 -- we offer breakfast and dinner to the community-at-large, but lunch only to those in our life-change program. We direct other guests to local organizations.