The homeless population in Visalia (and Tulare County) is increasing. That’s moms and dads, children and grandparents, veterans and entire families who find themselves on the streets or taking refuge along the St. John’s River edge. They have nowhere to turn.

YOU have the power to help them with your gift!

  • $2.05 provides a hot, nourishing meal

  • $16.00 shelters someone overnight

  • $42.00 gives the classes, counseling, work-training and care people need to get back on their feet

So imagine how many people will be helped by your most generous gift today!

Click to enlarge the image and see where our support comes from and how it is used to best provide hope and restoration to our community.

Thank you for supporting life change. Click here to give a gift today.

For the full 2017 audit, click HERE. For the 2017 Form 990, click HERE.

Age Breakdown in 2018*

Men & Women served in 2018*

Community Kitchen guests in 2018

*Shelter and Academy only - does not include meal guests (percentages -- unduplicated)